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The Practice Kit - For Synthetic Urine

This amazing product is just used to practice, helping to ease your worries! The intention is for you to get used to it, to practice heating your bottle using the heat activator powder and heat pad!

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Thousands of Clear Choice customers each week ask the best way to heat their Synthetic Urine Kit. They wonder how to use the heat activator powder and if they should use the heat pad with or not! Well, the brains at Clear Choice have solved another problem.

Now available, The synthetic urine Practice Kit designed especially for your Sub Solution synthetic urine Kit or Pre-mixed Quick Luck Kit.

First time or a dab hand at using synthetic urine? Either way, each time can be slightly nerve-wracking. Clear Choice once again has the perfect solution!!

The practice Kit includes:

  • 3oz Mixing Container
  • Easy-to-read temperature strip
  • Heat Pad
  • Heat Activator


  • Fill the container with room temperature water up to the fill line.
  • Check the temperature of the temperature strip. If the temperature is not in the optimal range of 94°F - 100°F use of the two methods provided.

A) The Heat Pad - Open the packaging and remove the paper backing from the sticky side. Apply the heat pad directly to the bottle on the opposite side to the temperature strip. Allow up to 1 hour for the heat pad to warm up.

B) The Heat Activator - If you do not see any temperature reading carefully add 1/3 of the powder into the mixing container. If the temperature indicates 82°F - 92°F add 1/4 of the powder instead. Tighten the cap gently, shake and wait 15-20 seconds before taking a new temperature reading.

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