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Incognito Belt - Premixed synthetic urine on a belt

Clear Choice prides itself for having the best synthetic urine formula on the market.

Ultra Premium premixed 3oz synthetic urine. Comes with heat activator powder and two heat pads.

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The Clear Choice® Incognito Belt is what you want and need. It’s a “gravity-operated” device that delivers 100% effective and undetectable synthetic urine that is toxin-free. All Clear Choice Synthetic Urine is BIOCIDE FREE. It comes with a supplied heat pad to ensure that it matches that of the body’s natural temperature.

The urine passes through a rubber tube which is part of a lightweight apparatus. You can wrap this tube around the waist and wear it under your clothing. It delivers the urine by releasing a clip that retains it in the bladder bag.

Their secret urine formula is made from 11 different chemical compounds including uric acid and urea that mimic real human urine and is balanced for pH, specific gravity and creatinine just to mention a few.

Incognito Belt Includes:

  • 1 Bladder Bag with 3 ounces (100 ml) of Premixed clean toxin-free Synthetic Urine (suitable for up to two uses)
  • Velcro Adjustable belt (up to 48″ waist)
  • 2 Heat Pads
  • 1 Temperature Strip
  • Complete instructions
  • Up to 1-year shelf life from date of manufacture
  • Unisex for Male or Female Use
  • 100% EFFECTIVE
  • Totally Undetectable

  1. Open up the heat pad and remove the adhesive backing.

  2. Give the heat pad a couple of good shakes to activate it.

  3. Stick the heat pad to the bladder bag, between the belt and urine pouch.

  4. Wrap the Incognito Belt™ around your waist (under ALL your clothing) with the temperature strip touching your skin, and the drain tube pointing to the floor.

  5. Close the white clips and cut the end of the tube off.

  6. Unfasten the white clips to drain the contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reheat my synthetic urine?

Yes, if the seal is not broken, you may re-heat your synthetic urine as many times as you like.

Can I microwave it to get the correct/right temperature?

NO, only a few seconds will burst the bag.

If you received a package with less than 6 months of remaining shelf life then we will replace it a week before it expires. You may contact our customer service dept.

NOTE: We will only authorize replacements for unopened sealed products that had less than 6 months of shelf life from the date you received it. Expired products shouldn't be used; products effectiveness will have decreased!!

Can I refill it for more uses?

No, this product cannot be refilled.

My temperature strip is not showing any indication, I think its broken?

It is more likely that your synthetic urine is either too hot or too cold. Either way it will not show any indication.

My heating pad isn’t working. I can’t feel any heat.

Once activated the heat pad will barely feel warm to the touch and this is perfectly normal as the heat pad in combination with your body heat will raise the urine to its ideal temperature within one (1) hour. This is not the type of heat pad you would use in the snow, it will only feel very slightly warm to ensure the synthetic urine is not overheated.

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